LMM is recognized as one of the leading representation firms in the professional sports industry. We have had a tremendous success in securing high profile college athletes, navigating them through the draft process and maximizing their draft status and contract value.

We have gained a reputation in the industry for providing a level of service to our clients that is unmatched. Whether it is pre-draft preparations, contract negotiations, marketing and public relations or personal service. LMM boasts a group of dedicated, experienced professionals to assist each client every step of the way. We deliver the highest level of personal attention to meet our clientsʼ needs.

During our 28 plus drafts as agents for NFL players, we have gained a level of experience and expertise that few NFL agents can approach. We are proud of our impeccable reputation and our ability to provide the highest quality of representation for our clients. Because of our reputation and our success, we are able to be very selective with respect to the players we choose to recruit and represent. Review our client list. It is no coincidence that we attract players with outstanding talent, high character, and a strong commitment to their families.

It is LMMʼs goal to represent our clients, not just for their rookie contract, but for their entire professional career. Accomplishing this goal requires the type of continued commitment to our players that, as a company, we take pride in providing for each of our rookie clients. We are setting the standard of excellence in athlete representation.