Personalized Pre-Draft Strategy


LMMʼs goal is for every one of its rookie clients to be drafted as high as possible. The NFLʼs evaluation process, which every rookie must undergo, is thorough, detailed and intense. Players can increase the probability that they will be drafted as high as possible by preparing for the process so that they will excel when they are under the NFL microscope. We firmly believe that failing to prepare is tantamount to preparing to fail.

LMM is the industry pioneer in pre-draft training and preparation for rookie clients. LMM began training its rookies in 1986, years before other agents began offering this service to their clients. As a result, LMM has trained and prepared more players for the Indianapolis Combine and individual March workouts than anyone in the industry.

LMMʼs pre-draft preparation program involves more than simply sending rookie clients to a training center. We provide each of our clients with an opportunity to train with nationally recognized trainers, who will develop an individualized program, tailored to the specific needs of each LMM client. This program, which includes rehab and recovery sessions, is designed to increase flexibility, explosion, speed and strength, and ultimately to improve our clientsʼ performance at the Combine.

LMM supplements this program with position specific instruction (i.e. OL, DB etc.) by coaches with NFL experience, to ensure that LMM clients excel at the position drills they will be asked to do during their workouts. LMM also helps prepare its clients for the Wonderlic test, as well as their interviews with NFL teams.

While LMM clients are preparing for the NFLʼs evaluation process, LMM works behind the scenes, networking with GMs and front office personnel to analyze team draft needs and obtain information concerning LMM clients. This is a critical aspect of the pre-draft process. Our information network is a tremendous advantage to our clients. It allows us to be proactive and best advise them, in order to increase the likelihood that they will be drafted as high as possible.

It is our strong belief that it is possible to elevate your draft status between the end of your collegiate season and the NFL Draft in April. Accordingly, our priority as your representative is to prepare you for the evaluation process leading up to the draft. To accomplish this, we utilize a personalized strategy, tailored to each clientʼs individual situation.

Teams evaluate players through various means. College film, the Indianapolis Combine, individual workouts, visits to team facilities, mental and psychological tests and personal interviews with teams are all important components of the pre-draft process. It is our job to prepare our clients for every aspect of this process. It is also our job during the pre-draft period to facilitate as much contact and/or exposure as we can between you and each of the teams that view you as a top pick. We want those teams to have a passion for your skills and abilities and to recognize that if they pass on you at any point in the draft you wonʼt be there for their next pick.

Experience has taught us that there are no guarantees in the draft. But experience has also taught us that there are no shortcuts to the draft. Every player must go through the same process. During our 24 years of pre-draft training for players, we have learned that there is no downside to our substitute for preparation. Our program is rigorous. It requires hard work on both your part and our part. But we believe that if you make the proper commitment, you have an opportunity to improve your draft position and increase the probability that you will be drafted as high as you possibly can.